Put It Down!

Groceries bags in each hand, mail under my arm, phone under my chin, I somehow get both my gate and the storm door open.  Just one more step – I shift the groceries into one hand, reach into my pocket and manage to get my keys out and unlock the door.  Just as I step into the door, the phone falls to the floor along with the groceries and mail!  I was sooo close to making it safely inside without incident.

Often, we attempt to hold onto the things we think we need in our lives as we approach and enter the next phase.  Sometimes these very things hinder our progress and prevent us from going through the door to what’s next.  Is it fear that makes us hold on?

Ask yourself the question:  what are you holding onto that doesn’t serve you as you move forward in your life?  Picture yourself at the door of what’s next and breathe into the anticipation and excitement of the next step.  What do you need to put down in order to step forward?  Visualize yourself letting go of what is preventing you from growing and moving into the next phase of your life.  Allow yourself to feel the lightness that comes with each release.  Go on, put something else down, and another, and another until finally you are unencumbered. 

Now, step forward through the door to explore what’s on the other side of life.  Enjoy!

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