I’ve come to accept that straying from ‘my path’ is absolutely normal.  BUT it feels horrible!  I guilt myself and barrage my thoughts with negative internal talk for not staying the course.  Asking ‘why can’t I be more like the laser focused, intentional, in-flow, namaste folk whose lives seem to magically fall into place?!?!’.  Come on, don’t they get on your nerves just a little? LOL!

But what if my straying IS part of my journey?  It allows me to choose time and again what I prefer and gently pulls me back to my path.  Sometimes the straying even introduces new thoughts and ideas for me to integrate when I get back on track.  If I allow myself to go with it instead of resisting, it can provide me with exactly what I need for the road ahead. 

I’m aware now that my path is not a straight and narrow one.  It is wide and winding with small offshoots into interesting corners.  I will enjoy the journey, be patient and stop comparing my path to others. 

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